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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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we're comfortable these estimates are still the best we could. >> we have confirm the estimates through our consultants. we asked them to review these estimates and quantities and confirm the estimates. >> thank you. >> i would say, kudos to kim for getting american steel. we can do things competitively. again, thank you. >> are we ready to vote? all in favor of all three resolutions at once? resolutions have passed. >> item 12, new business.
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>> public comment on new business? item 13, public comment? >> we do have one public comment. >> good afternoon. fellow citizens and commissioners. i am representing all the small boat operators that are on the jefferson street, part of pier 49. the subject is just one. and it has to do with the ongoing affluent -- effluent
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that has been coating everything on the jefferson street boca, our boats, our lines, our tourists as they come up and down the ladders, rashes that people have developed on their hands because of this pollution in the water, and the irony of it all is that fisherman's wharf is or was, should still be the third most visited tourist attraction in the world. after disney world, at the time it was 33 million. as disneyland, summer in the neighborhood of 20 million and san francisco which had 18 million visitors a year of the statistic. 50 million of those people said, i am here to go to fisherman's wharf. the fisherman part is the part i would like to address. it is the heart and soul of the
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reason that part of the city has become something. and why it is still famous. and to have all these beautiful but and and and take like mine, some beautifully maintained, charter boats wallowing in this filth and discussed year after year after year, and frankly, what broke the pick an anatomical part of us down there was watching the figure -- finger pier be rebuilt by someone who had no idea how to build a pier for fishing boats but that is another story. to have to come there every day and wonder, which one of our docklands we're not going to be able to use because they're covered with human excretion,
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oil from the restaurants, the entire source system underneath those restaurants is a health hazard. and just for information, one of the captain's has taken it upon himself to have it analyzed at a chain of custody a laboratory. i have not seen the whole report, but when he quoted to me was that the header said this is a very serious matter and should be reported to the proper authorities immediately. so, if i could end with a question, when is something going to be done about it? is there any plans afoot to replace the sewers underneath the restaurant so we do not have to have our boats wallow in felt any more?
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this is a serious health hazard. >> your time is up but this is not an item that is on the calendar. by a parliamentary rules, the commission cannot respond to you. they're not ignoring you. their support staff who would be happy to answer those questions after the meeting has adjourned and we could decide whether that is something we should calendar. i will talk to you about this afterward. your time is up. >> is there any further public comment? hearing none, could i have a motion for adjournment? >> earlier today, we were discussing with great joy one of the greatest series of races that will take place on our world renowned bay. 10 days ago during another well-
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established race, recreation can turn very quickly to tragedy. unimaginable tragedy. and we need to be mindful of how loved ones can be taken from us in an anticipated moments and mother nature can turn out to be quite a formidable foe. i would like to move that we adjourn this meeting in memory of alexis bush, jordon, and elmer morrisey. >> i would like to second that. >> all in favor? meeting is adjourned. thank you.
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>> the next time you take a muni bus or train, there could be new technology that could make it easier to get to your destination. many are taking a position of next bus technology now in use around the city. updated at regular intervals from the comfort of their home or workplace. next bus uses satellite
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technology and advanced computer modeling to track buses and trains, estimating are bought stocks with a high degree of accuracy. the bus and train our arrival information can be accessed from your computer and even on your cellular phone or personal digital assistant. knowing their arrival time of the bus allows riders the choice of waiting for it or perhaps doing some shopping locally or getting a cup of coffee. it also gives a greater sense that they can count on you to get to their destination on time. the next bus our arrival information is also transmitted to bus shelters around the city equipped with the next bus sign. riders are updated strictly about arrival times. to make this information available, muni has tested push to talk buttons at trial shelters. rider when pushes the button, the text is displayed -- when a rider pushes
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the button. >> the success of these tests led to the expansion of the program to all stations on the light rail and is part of the new shelter contract, push to talk will be installed. check out the new technology making your right easier every day >> everyone deserves a bank
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account. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account. everyone is welcome, even if you are not a u.s. citizen or have bad credit. qualifying for a bank account is simple, just lived or worked in san francisco and had a form of id >> we started bank on san francisco at six years ago. we wanted to make sure they know they have options, which would be more successful for them. ♪ >> check cashing stores can be found all over the city. they're convenient locations, with a hidden price. -- the convenient locations, with a hidden price. >> i got a refund check and they
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took out $200. >> i understand they have to make money, but they are a little high. >> people who used check passers -- cashers, they could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. >> i do not have that kind of money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. >> most banks require information that may limited the pool of qualified applicants. encouraging them to return to on saved check passers. -- unsafe check cashers.
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they are more vulnerable to a robbery, loss, or theft. qualifying for a bank account is no longer a problem. >> great, thank you. >> even if you've had problems with an account in the past, or never had an account, or in not a u.s. citizen, bank on sf makes it easier for you to have an account. >> it gives them no option but to go to a check casher. >> to find the account that is best for you, just follow these three easy steps.
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find a participating bank or credit union. call 211 and ask about the bank on sf account. asked about opening an account. a financial partner will guide you through this process and connect you with the account that is best for you. during some form of identification. -- bring it some form of identification. now you opened your account. simple, right? that is exactly how that was meant to be. you can even access your account online and sets up direct deposit. it is a real bank account. >> we see a lot of people who could not open checking accounts. people there do not have two
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id's. it is exciting to help these people. >> it has been a great partnership. we are able to offer checking, savings, money markets, certificates to people who might not be able to get account anywhere else. even if you that a previous bank account at another financial institution, we could still open an account for you said you do not have to go to a check cashing place. >> to help manage your new account, you can enroll in free educational services. just visit the website. >> there are many benefits. it is the one stop shop for all of your financial questions. >> with services like financial education classes and meetings with advisers, the smart money network makes it easy for you to learn all you need to know about managing savings,
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investing, and protecting your money. the network offers access to hundreds of free educational programs. just to fill out the quick questionnaire. >> we want to make sure everybody has a chance to manage their money successfully, keep their money safe and avoid getting ripped off. >> it sounds very good. i think people should try that one. >> to find out more, visit the web site. or call 2-1-1. no more hassling with these expensive check cashing stores. now you have a bank account.
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>>. touring england was a time when robert as mentors were being challenged by a quickly growing middle-class. for endeavour's crew of new artists began to assert themselves, offering new definitions of the athletics of arts and beauty. over 180 objects of avant-garde design and art from the victorian england has been collected inside the legion of honor snoot exhibition, it's the cold of the ec.
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-- the cult of beauty. >> there was this group of artists that were not only revolutionaries in their artistic expression but also in their personal lives and their interest in democratizing art in introducing beauty into the growing middle-class. >> one of the inspirations for the victorian avant-garde was the industrial revolution. quality household goods were now being mass-produced. artists responded by either creating elaborate unique court or by embracing technology and trying to share a beautiful creations with as many people as possible. >> william morris was in a difficult position, because he wanted the middle-class to be able to acquire really beautifully made objects. but the piece is that he actually made, you know, took so much handcrafting that there
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were quite expensive. i think he would have been pleased to know that there are things like restoration hardware anne craig and bare all that tried to make available to the middle-class -- and crate and barrel that tried to make these things available to the middle class. >> over 60 lenders contributed art and craft to the exhibition. one of the partners is london's victoria and albert museum, which has been collecting the finest examples of victorian craft since queen victoria herself attended the groundbreaking ceremony. the artist of the victorian avant-garde believe that every object could contain an expression of beauty. the attention given when creating a towering sculpture should be the same as when creating a simple cottage gate. they embraced arts for arts own sake. whether in the curl of a flower or a stray lot of unpin hair.
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surprisingly, sensuality returned to public view during the victorian era. albert moore and others were inspired by ancient greek sculptures and found new uses in modern times. >> many of these paintings are large. when you get close to them, they seem to wrap you in this luscious colors. there's a great sensuality to the paintings, even though there's nothing sexual going on in the pictures. the artists just took delight in luxurious fabrics and colors and beautiful women. >> symphony in white is a life- size portrait of the immense stress of james wisler. it is featured prominently in the exhibition. harmony in gray and green was an of socially judged as a disagreeable presentation of a disagreeable young lady. the first public reaction of
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this series was so divisive that led to court proceedings. today, they hang in london's tate gallery. walking to the exhibition, you might be distracted by objects that seem to modern war appeared to be at least art deco era. forward thinking victorian artists emerged the economical ambitions of 18th-century cottage's style furniture with the asymmetrical design elements of japanese art that was introduced to london in 1862. >> so you come out with these very beautiful and sleek design worms that the artist combined -- a design forms. very modern. our visitors are really surprised that so many of the works at a very modern feel to them. >> they believe that no object needed to be considered worthless or low class.
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each thing, existing in its own place, was the best thing for its place. and what first seems to be idle showiness, shows the richness of today and yesterday. >> it is exciting to have a project you have worked on for so long coming in know, come to your own museum. and museum curators are among the luckiest professionals, because we get to share with tens of thousands of people the things that give us enjoy and the things that explain to our visitors the relationship between art and society. art is not just a frivolous, you know, sidebar. it is a very important expression of culture and morals. this particular moment, the artists were interested in community. >> san francisco is the exclusive american host for the cult of beauty exhibition.
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the legion of honor is website has more information about the artists and tips for planning your visit. learn more at the website. thank you for watching i'm the president of friends of mclaren park. it is one of the oldest neighborhood community park groups in san francisco. i give a lot of tours through the park. during those tours, a lot of the folks in the group will think of the park as very scary. it has a lot of hills, there's a lot of dense groves. once you get towards the center of the park you really lose your orientation. you are very much in a remote area. there are a lot of trees that shield your view from the urban setting. you would simply see different groves that gives you a sense
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of freedom, of being outdoors, not being burdened by the worries of city life. john mclaren had said that golden gate park was too far away. he proposed that we have a park in the south end of the city. the campaign slogan was, people need this open space. one of the things that had to open is there were a lot of people who did a homestead here, about 25 different families. their property had to be bought up. so it took from 1928 to 1957 to buy up all the parcels of land that ended up in this 317 acres. the park, as a general rule, is heavily used in the mornings and the evenings. one of the favorite places is up by the upper reservoir because dogs get to go swim. it's extremely popular. many fights in the city, as you know, about dogs in parks.
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we have 317 acres and god knows there's plenty of room for both of us. man and his best friend. early in the morning people before they go to work will walk their dogs or go on a jog themselves with their dogs. joggers love the park, there's 7 miles of hiking trails and there's off trail paths that hikers can take. all the recreational areas are heavily used on weekends. we have the group picnic area which should accommodate 200 people, tennis courts are full. it also has 3 playground areas. the ampitheater was built in 1972. it was the home of the first blues festival. given the fact that jerry garcia used to play in this park, he was from this neighborhood, everybody knows his reputation. we thought what a great thing it would be to have an
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ampitheater named after jerry garcia. that is a name that has panache. it brings people from all over the bay area to the ampitheater. the calls that come in, we'd like to do a concert at the jerry garcia ampitheater and we do everything we can to accommodate them and help them because it gets people into the park. people like a lot of color and that's what they call a park. other people don't. you have to try to reconcile all those different points of view. what should a park look like and what should it have? should it be manicured, should it be nice little cobblestones around all of the paths and like that. the biggest objective of course is getting people into the park to appreciate open space. whatever that's going to take to make them happy, to get them there, that's the main goal. if it takes a planter with flowers and stuff like that, fine.
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you know, so what? people need to get away from that urban rush and noise and this is a perfect place to do it. feedback is always amazement. they don't believe that it's in san francisco. we have visitors who will say, i never knew this was here and i'm a native san franciscoan. they wonder how long it's been here. when i tell them next year we'll get to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the park,
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